Ash is impressed by the way Gilly deals with Gaz and his gang in Relish so gives him the manager’s job, leaving Zak unhappy. Later, Gaz and his mates return when Gilly is finishing up, with things soon turning nasty when they mug him and make off with the cash. Meanwhile, Zak is hiding in the bushes, unable to help.

Cindy wakes up to discover Holly is gone. She angrily heads to The Dog to find her, and encounters Rhys who wants some sort of reconciliation. Fed up, Cindy ends up breaking up with Rhys, in favour of Darren.

Newt tries to convince Frankie to enter a karaoke contest at The Dog to help ease their financial woes a little but she’s having none of it. Realising he has nothing to lose, Newt decides to compete himself and dresses up as Boy George to compete in the 80s section.
Hannah and Sarah are in the SU Bar discussing boys, when they are interrupted by Elliot and Archie who makes it clear that he fancies Sarah. As Sarah makes it obvious that the feeling is mutual, Hannah and Elliot’s relationship begins to look increasingly frosty.

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