Gilly’s jealous of Steph and Fernando

Steph feels embarrassed about throwing Fernando out of the flat and hides from him in Mobs. Gilly helps Steph stay out of sight and lies to Fernando that Steph isn’t there. Gilly hopes that he has a chance with Steph and suggests she move on from Max, but is crushed when she agrees and then asks Fernando on a date. Gilly agrees to babysit Tom and is miserable when he sees Steph and Fernando kiss.

Abi is becoming increasingly attached to Lucas. Abi and Ste take Lucas to the park and Abi gets emotional when Ste says she’d make a great mum. Abi is furious when Ste reveals that Daniel has interviewed a couple for an adoption as she realises that he’s planning on giving them Lucas. Abi confronts Daniel and insists that Lucas will be their baby as planned.

Elliot agrees to make an effort to get to know Gareth but Leila is now wondering whether it’s such a good idea. Leila’s doubts about Gareth grow when she walks in on him apparently trying to scam Gilly in Drive ‘N’ Buy and she later catches him trying to look down her top. Elliot is surprised when Leila tells him what she thinks of Gareth and he defends his dad.

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