Gina and Phil get hitched!

With just days to go before their big day, Gina and Phil are house-hunting and jump at the chance to buy Albert Fogarty’s cottage. But Phil’s disappointed when Albert later calls to say he won’t be able to sell. Later, when Lord Ashfordly’s car slides off the icy road and Ashfordly complains to Pc Rob Walker that the road hasn’t been gritted, Rob realises that gritting is Albert’s job and reports him missing.

That night in a pub in Whitby, Gina is living it up with the girls on her hen night – but at the Aidensfield Arms, Phil’s stag do is a more sombre affair. His brothers haven’t turned up and Phil’s starting to panic that Gina’s going to jilt him at the altar.

Meanwhile, Albert is alone on the moors and, not wanting to leave Aidensfield, has laid down to die in the cold. As the night progresses, Albert has a change of heart. But on his way home, cold and exhausted, he slips on the ice and knocks himself unconscious. Tricia’s old flame Jack Hollins finds Albert and races over to Peggy’s cottage for help. Will they be able to revive Albert?

At the pub, Phil believes that Jack is back to disrupt the wedding and heads home, alone, to drown his sorrows. The next morning, Phil is nervous and hungover, while Gina appears in her beautiful gown to an emotional Oscar Blaketon. Gina braves the snow in a white fur cape – her ‘something borrowed’ from Rosie and Lord Ashfordly. Will Phil and Gina have the fairytale wedding they have always dreamed of?