Over at Ashfordly Hospital, doctors tell Phil Bellamy that what he thinks is a life-threatening heart condition is actually a stomach ulcer – but they will need to operate the next day. When she hears the news, a worried Gina heads over to the hospital and waits patiently while he’s in theatre. As Phil comes round, Gina tells him she wants to make another go of their relationship and get married! Will it be second time lucky for the couple?

When 16-year-old Sally Jepson gives birth to an illegitimate child, her dad, Frank, is furious that she’s brought such shame on the family. Frank confronts Tom Pickles, a young labourer who Sally had been seeing, and hits him. When Rob Walker finds Tom’s motorbike vandalised, he asks Tom if he thinks Frank’s responsible. Tom looks at him blankly, leaving Rob thinking that Tom is completely in the dark about Sally and the baby.

When Bernie Scripps learns that his sister Georgina has been killed in a boating accident, Peggy Armstrong speculates about his inheritance. That night, David goes downstairs to find out why Deefor’s barking, and is stunned to find that ‘dead’ Vernon Scripps standing in his kitchen. Vernon admits to Peggy and David that he faked his own to avoid the tax man and have been living in Spain ever since.

While David is happy about Vernon’s return, Bernie soon realises that Vernon only came back to get his hands on a share of their sister’s inheritance – but Bernie promptly tells Vernon that he won’t see a penny of it! Vernon’s return causes further problems when Sgt Miller (John Duttine) is informed that Vernon is not in fact dead and Bernie admits that he only glanced at the ‘body’ when he identified it and assumed it was Vernon’s.

Will Bernie’s ‘honest’ lie mean a night in the cells for the Scripps brothers?