Gina has relented about going to the music festival, but is not looking forward to being trapped in a car with Vanessa. As they drive there, the mood is a little tense. But it turns out the festival is cancelled! Gina is ready to return to the Bay, but Vanessa suggests that the two of them go camping. Will Gina let her hair down and make the most of the time away with her old friend?

Colleen can’t believe it – Keith’s been arrested! She tries to put the whole incident behind her and carry on as normal. But this only makes Irene and Leah more worried about her. When Irene talks to her about it, Colleen reveals she is heartbroken that Keith lied to her.

April has taken Liam’s departure very badly. Watching Bianca trying to get over the break up, April decides she wants to get in touch with Liam, but Xavier warns her against it. He thinks she should just leave it be. Unable to let the matter go, however, April manages to track down Liam.