Gina collapses!

Xavier calls the Palmers to wish them luck for the adoption, and Jett is pleased when Xavier wants to talk to his new younger brother. Marilyn has a bad feeling, but keeps it to herself as she hugs Gina and asks her to drive safely. Their trip underway, Gina starts seeing visions and pulls off suddenly. She checks Jett is OK, and then collapses.

Dex and Steph decide to start their relationship again at the hospital as they engage in some inappropriate activity in a patient’s room. Steph starts the passionate session and despite his concerns, Dex sleeps with her again. Although, afterwards he regrets their actions

Rosie reveals her rape was also her first time. Sasha tells her that what Mullens did was a violation, and does not count as her first time. The next day Rosie emerges  and it looks like she’s starting to deal with her fears. While she’s pleased that Rosie had a breakthrough, April is unhappy that Dex has started a new relationship.

Also, April finds Dex at the Diner and tells him he was right about the two of them moving on, and she wants to wish him well with Steph. Dex, still chewing over what happened during his shift, is a bit distant. He thanks her, and she leaves a little disappointed.