Gina gets involved in a puzzling rape case

Covering for Lewis Hardy, Gina goes on the beat with Roger Valentine where they rescue prison probation officer Paul Brookes, who was assaulted and locked into the boot of his car the night before.

Later, Roger and Nikki visit Owen Harper, a man whose van was in the same car park, and discover Owen’s wife Sally is an inmate at Paul’s prison. Owen confesses to attacking Paul, but reveals he did it because Paul raped his wife!

Sam Nixon and Jo Masters take over, and question Sally, who reveals she’s since washed the clothes she was wearing during the attack, but remembers a scar at the top of Paul’s leg. Sam and Jo arrest Paul for rape, but he claims Sally made up the story because she was recently denied parole.

Later at the prison, Jo and Sam are surprised when Sally tells them she made up the whole rape story, and they wonder how she knew about Paul’s scar.

Meanwhile, Lewis encounters a mugging on his way into work, and the victim, Pawel Boniek is taken to hospital, only to receive a visit from his hooded attacker! Lewis and Roger make the arrest but discover the hoodie mugged Pawel for cash he was paid for a passport which hasn’t turned up.

Also, Gina encounters an old flame at a court hearing and Tash becomes Lewis’s new housemate.