Gina gives birth

As Pcs Joe Mason and Geoff Younger and David help newcomers Angela Faussett and husband Edgar move into their new home, David finds a piano. While Dawn, Carol and a heavily pregnant Gina secretly plan a surprise birthday party for Oscar, Bernie hears David playing the instrument and helps him to create the perfect present for Oscar.

The next day, Joe is on traffic watch when Angela and Edgar drive past, and Angela tries to mouth something to Joe, but he can’t understand what she’s saying. Later that morning, Angela urges Joe to come to the house and at first it seems she just wants advice on decorating. But when Edgar is out of earshot, Angela tells Joe that her life is in danger…

Meanwhile, Oscar and Dawn find Gina moving furniture around for the imminent arrival of Baby Bellamy and urge her to relax. On the day of Oscar’s birthday, he is happy to find just a few cards, and is less than enthusiastic when Dawn reveals that Bernie will be taking him to tea in Scarborough.

But when Gina starts having contractions it looks like Oscar will be getting the best birthday present of all…

*Last in the series*