Gina has bad news for Jett

Gina pays a visit to Richard Bozic, and discovers he’s unemployed but has been off drugs for several years. She tells him of Liz’s death and breaks the news that she had a thirteen-year-old son but, at the suggestion that Jett might be his son, Bozic makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with the boy. Gina breaks the news to Jett who decides to take his frustration out on Bozic, turning up on his doorstep and smashing up his front garden…

April is wary when Bianca tells her that she and Heath are an item, as are Sid and Irene when they hear the news. However, Sid informs Bianca that she’s free to go home, though baby Rocco will have to stay in for the time being. Before she leaves, though, Bianca gets the chance to hold Rocco for the first time, a joyous event for her and April.

Harvey and Lottie struggle with the question of how to break the news to Mel that Lottie wants to stay in Summer Bay. Lottie is clearly stressing out at the thought of hurting her mother, so Harvey makes a decision – he’ll tell Mel himself.