Gina has words with Xavier

Gina is not sure how Xavier will react to the news she is new school Principal. He puts on a brave face but underneath is apprehensive. When Gina is on a tour of the school, she admonishes Xavier for being out of class, adding to his fear that she will be extra hard on him. Later at the Diner, Gina talks to Xavier. She wants to be Principal and they can’t fight all the time. Xavier agrees to be supportive.

Ruby is worried about Charlie’s mood after the break-up with Angelo. She’s come up with an idea to help her, and begs Xavier to help her. They go to the Police Station and submit a statement fabricating an alibi for Charlie. Robertson is forced to accept the alibi and reinstate Charlie.

Charlie is very down because of the break-up and her suspension from her job. Angelo tries to reach out to her, but she refuses to take his calls. Angelo eventually gets through to her and he tells her he misses her, but she can’t listen to him, and hangs up on him. When Charlie finds out about Ruby’s plan, she’s worried, but when Ruby’s story holds up and Charlie is reinstated, she is pleased, but worried about working with Angelo.

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