Gina leaves Sun Hill

Outside the school where Jake Quinn is holding Sophie Parry and her friend Polly hostage, Inspector Gina Gold hears the gun shot, and fears that Sergeant Smith is badly hurt – or dead. Hostage negotiator Sergeant Stone calls Jake, who says he’ll only speak to the woman he’s been stalking, Sophie’s mother Nicola.

Gina freaks when Jake tells Stone that if Nicola doesn’t come he will shoot the girls – just like he shot Smithy. Nicola rushes to the school and agrees to talk to Jake on the phone but, when Jake becomes agitated, Sophie tries to escape and Jake grabs her. When Smithy jumps up to protect Sophie he too is taken hostage.

When Jake reveals that Polly is suffering an asthma attack, Nicola tells him she’ll talk to him face-to-face if he agrees to let medics in. Sergeant Rachel Weston goes in dressed as a paramedic and surveys the classroom as she leads Polly out. Rachel explains the set-up to Heaton and as Stone tries to distract Jake, the Armed Response Unit burst in.

Later, back at the station, the day’s events appear to have proved too much for Gina, who decides to quit. As Smithy helps Gina out with her things, the former Inspector takes one last look at Sun Hill and leaves.