Xavier bargains with Gina: he’ll stop boxing if John stops coming round. Gina hates Xavier boxing, but realises she can’t fight fire with fire. She tells him he can box, on the condition that he moves back home. And John won’t come round. Xavier agrees.

Martha is still moody with Liam. He finds her crying and is concerned. Tony drops by and can tell Martha wants him to stay for dinner. He asks if she’s lonely and she becomes very upset again. Tony assumes it’s to do with Liam but Martha quickly recovers herself. Tony’s worried – why is she so up and down? Tony and Rachel speculate that Martha’s not over Hugo.

Marilyn is still plagued by dreams featuring a little girl. Miles is convinced Rabbit is the one spraying graffiti on the caravans. Knowing Miles is the culprit, Marilyn asks him if he’s interested in the art of graffiti, but he doesn’t reveal anything. Is he lying or unaware of what he’s doing?

Marilyn catches Miles talking to someone who isn’t there. When she sees a drawing of a little girl on the fridge, she starts to believe that her dreams are real. Miles obviously knows this little girl, so why won’t he admit it?

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