Gina plots her revenge on Sally Metcalfe

Gina asks to borrow Sally’s laptop but what’s she up to?

Dev offers Gina some hours in the shop, while Sally accuses her of hiding behind her bipolar condition when it suits her. Seething, Gina borrows Sally’s laptop making out she’s going to sell her bric-a-brac, but what is her real intent?

Gary tells Sarah that he’s accepted another job in the Ukraine. When Sarah suggests an afternoon lie down, Gary makes excuses. Alone, he winces with pain as he removes his t-shirt to reveal his badly bruised back and ribs…

On the instruction of Rita and Norris, Rosie masquerades as Gemma’s lawyer and accuses Zoe and Roxy of cyber terrorism. Will the girls fall for Rosie’s act? Meanwhile when Rita goes to empty the washing machine, she’s perplexed to find there’s nothing in it.

Will finds a silk scarf belonging to Michelle in the bistro office. The date for Robert’s plea hearing has come through.