Gina worries for Jett’s future

Shocked at finding Jett’s dead mother, Gina is alarmed to find that Jett has known for three days, which is why he’s been sleeping on the beach. Concerned about his future, she asks Marilyn and the police to drop the charges against him to give him a better start in life. Jett is released but, without any other family, he’s sent away to live with a foster family.

Logan returns to Summer Bay, to Indi’s surprise, but starts to realise their long-distance relationship isn’t working and asks her to move to Hong Kong with him. Indi consults with Romeo but Logan sees her indecision and realises she’s still in love with her husband. Meanwhile, Ruby pushes to get the surf shop idea moving, worrying Romeo that she’ll find out about the money he’s lent to Indi. Later, however, Ruby overhears Logan and Romeo discussing the loan and the truth comes out.

Liam is pleased with the way things are going with Hayley – she’s clean and they’re having a good time together. But just when everything seems perfect, Hayley receives a text from Heath and is reluctant to talk about it, making Liam doubt her honesty.