Gina’s had enough!

Bianca gets a package from Italy, and asks for it to be thrown away. John, Xavier and April open it and eat the chocolates inside. Bianca discovers them and is furious. Bianca hears John telling Alf the story, including a jibe about European women being too temperamental.

Bianca berates John and tells Gina she can do better. April warns her sister to be respectful. Bianca says she’ll try but another argument erupts and Gina’s had enough. She asks the girls to move out.

Leah is still feeling low. Colleen thinks she should throw herself into motherhood, but Leah doesn’t have anything to give. Irene wonders whether Leah is finding the break-up so hard because she knows she made the wrong decision. Leah denies this, but later begins a text to Elijah saying she’s made a mistake. Her emotions get the better of her and she deletes the message.

Dex invites himself on a dinner date with Marilyn and Sid. Sid’s not happy, but is forced to agree. Dex mocks Sid, making himself out to be the younger, more desirable member of the Walker family. Sid knows Dex is up to something, but he’s not sure what. He questions Dex but he refuses to give him an answer…

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