Girls just wanna have fun!

Bianca, Whitney and Carol plan a night at the club. To save money on drinks they strap a wine box pouch to Bianca. Carol and Bianca challenge each other to score a drink off a bloke. A drunk Carol is moody when Bianca wins. The ladies fight after and are thrown out after the wine box bursts. On the way home they make up and Carol tells Bianca she loves her.

Shirley is shocked to learn from Jean that Phil stopped her telling the police about seeing Andrew at the time of the murder. Phil struggles to explain to Shirley why he let Andrew take the rap. That night, Ben wakes Phil in a fake panic claiming Phil was talking about Heather in his sleep. Ben suggests that Phil needs to get rid of Shirley to stop her finding out the truth. With a heavy heart, Phil provokes an argument with Shirley then throws her out.

Michael’s patience is pushed to the limit when Janine insists he’ll be wearing a pink tie to the wedding. Determined to have some say, Michael knows he needs to get money to contribute. Michael manipulates Jean into ‘investing’ in the boxing gym. Michael hands Jean’s money to Janine and tells her he’ll be wearing blue.