Glenda has a trial working at the bookies. Patrick tells her in the old days they used to serve booze to encourage the punters to spend. Carol is forced to leave Glenda in charge while she pops out. Carol returns to find boozed up customers and a dishevelled Glenda emerging from the back with Leon! Carol is furious, but realises that Glenda has upped the takings.

Phil finds Alfie sleeping rough in the Arches. He asks Phil for a job, but Phil can’t help. Alfie has similar bad luck at the car lot and the chip shop. Kat packs to leave, but discovers the money she put aside has gone. Alfie tells Kat he’s got a surprise for her. Kat’s stunned when Alfie shows her the burnt out Vic and reveals he’s used their money to buy it!

Vanessa and Harry come to the Square for a family dinner with Jodie and Darren. Darren bumps into Max and is suspicious that he’s not as OK with Vanessa going back to her husband as he makes out. Darren convinces Stacey to visit Max to cheer him up.

Also, Heather puts in an offer on a flat with the money Alfie gave her.

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