*One-hour episode*

In an hour-long extra episode, Ronnie has a visit from Tim, who reveals that Hannah’s gone missing on the day of her court hearing. Hannah is found and at court the case is dropped. Ronnie’s left unnerved when Hannah insists that she wasn’t to blame for the stalking. There are more shocks in store for Ronnie when Roxy turns up.

After Roxy has to go to hospital, Ronnie calls Glenda, who claims she doesn’t know what Roxy’s been up to. Forced to confess the truth, Glenda reveals that Roxy stole money from Danny then went missing. Ronnie’s concerned when Roxy disappears again after discharging herself from hospital.

Stacey finds out from Andy that Martin was fired from his job after just two days. Confronting Martin at Belinda’s underwear party, Stacey gets him to admit that he was working for a ‘modelling’ agency, although it turns out the agency is for strippers! After getting his job back on Ian’s stall, Martin realises he’ll need more cash for the wedding. When Andy offers him a dodgy job stealing toilets from Jack’s conversion to sell on, Martin can’t turn him down.

Carmel is surprised when her son Shakil turns up on the doorstep. After Shakil claims that Umar wants to get back together with her, Carmel heads to The Vic to wait for her ex. When Umar fails to show, Shakil is forced to admit that he was trying to set up his parents in the hope they would reunite, Carmel realises her son needs her, encouraging him to stay in Walford with her and Kush.

Also, Sonia’s lump disappears but Tina still wants her to see the specialist.