Glenda has something to say!

Glenda ropes Roxy into robbing Phil’s safe but Phil catches them. When Roxy accuses Phil of stealing her money he suggests that Glenda is to blame. A suspicious Roxy finds cash hidden in Glenda’s wardrobe. Glenda is genuinely surprised. Later, Masood returns Glenda’s house keys to Phil, who pays him for planting the cash. In the Vic, Glenda pleads with Roxy. In desperation she blurts out she’s been sleeping with Phil as stunned Shirley looks on!

Kat gets back from her night out with Martina and, finding Alfie and Shenice curled up together on the sofa, she’s reminded of what could have been. Later, Kat finds Shenice in her bedroom dressed in Kat’s clothes and wearing her make up. Shenice backs into a corner and covers her face, almost as if she’s expecting to be beaten.

Tamwar is worried that Afia won’t want to marry him after the scene his parents made at Denise’s party. Afia instead comes up with a plan to get both sides to talk. The young couple arrange for their parents to meet about the engagement party. Masood refuses to talk to Yusef. Denise tells Zainab that Yusef was also a victim in the attack on her and Zainab has food for thought.

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