Peggy threatens to tell Ronnie that Glenda knew she was being abused, but Glenda retorts that Ronnie won’t believe her. Glenda swigs back the drinks and when she sees Peggy talking to Ronnie she panics that the game is up. Glenda rushes over to explain herself and drops herself in it. Ronnie is horrified and tells Glenda she will never be her mum. Roxy is equally appalled and tells a sobbing Glenda that she will never let her near Amy again.

Elsewhere, Phil is waiting for Rainie to return with the crack. Phil is furious when Rainie turns up empty handed and says she had to pay a drug debt. Phil storms over to the Arches and Minty watches, horrified, as he grabs the cash box. A desperate Minty locks Phil in the Arches while he goes to get help.

At Heather’s Shirley is begging the bailiffs for more time and they give her half an hour to get the cash. Shirley heads out, but is sidetracked when Minty and Ricky ask her to help them with Phil. Shirley takes Phil home and she catches Phil stealing her money for the bailiffs. Shirley tells Phil to choose between the drugs and her. Phil takes the money and leaves.

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