Glenda reveals the truth about Danny

Lucas lets Denise into a grotty flat. She’s stunned to find a young woman reading a bible. Lucas begs Denise to believe that he’s not been having an affair and she warily agrees.

In the Vic, Glenda claims she’s been evicted and begs the girls to let her stay the night. Roxy wants to bribe Glenda to leave and Danny sees her pulling bank notes from a stash in her mattress. After lights out, Danny violently forces Glenda to leave. Early in the morning Roxy gets a call from Glenda and lets her in. A shaking Glenda tells Roxy and Ronnie there’s something they need to know about Danny…

Lucas takes an anxious Denise to a grotty flat, where he opens the door and leads her in to find… Jade. She tells Denise that Lucas saved her and Jesus can help her the way she’s been helped!

Stacey is uncomfortable at the baby shower and won’t listen to Jean when she begs her not to leave. Max takes Stacey aside and tries to convince her that everyone is there for her. A miserable Stacey returns to the party, but feels freaked out by the responsibility that awaits her as she stares at the baby clothes and toys.

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