Gloria makes a shock admission (VIDEO)

Eva arrives back from her holiday and is horrified to see a ‘for sale’ board outside the Rovers and Stella cleaning at the bistro. Gloria can’t live with the guilt any longer and makes a shock admission to the family.

Tina tells Gary she’ll keep quiet about his pass so long as he stays away from her in future. Gary gratefully agrees as he fusses round Izzy. Desperate to talk to someone, Tina confides in Tommy. Furious Tommy’s threatens Gary, but he can’t bring himself to tell all to Izzy.

Having had a change of heart Roy is now determined to track down his father, and having noticed a Blackburn postmark on the letter, he starts doing some research to try and find St John.

Also, when Anna hands Tim a letter from school requesting money for Faye’s adventure weekend, Tim promises to sort it out, but Anna’s not convinced; when Brian talks to Paul about the dangers of Paul’s job Eileen struggles to cope with the conversation.