Gloria offers Lewis a job

With news rife about the latest glitch in their relationship, Audrey and Lewis try to front it out. Nick refuses to give Lewis his old job back and Audrey is faced with her suspicious friends. Gail, meanwhile, voices her suspicion that Penny and Lewis are actually in cahoots. Audrey denies this is the case while Lewis accepts an unexpected job offer.

After splitting up with Michelle, Steve spends the night at Lloyd’s. Tracy’s in her element watching Michelle fret over Steve. When he calls at the flat for his stuff, Michelle begs him to talk but Steve ignores her pleas leaving Michelle bewildered. Steve tells Lloyd that dumping Michelle is just a ruse to split up Ryan and Tracy and once that’s done he’ll get back together with her.

But when Steve points out to Tracy that now she’s successfully split them up she can stop playing games with Ryan, Tracy insists she loves Ryan and is carrying his child. Steve’s thwarted and when he discovers Rob has taken Michelle to the Bistro to comfort her he worries that his master plan has gone wrong!

Anna finally snaps when Mary decides to transform Roy and Hayley’s flat into an upstairs dining area for her French night.

Also, Mandy and Lloyd’s relationship develops.