Gloria and Heston have returned from their weekend away and Heston’s uncomfortable when Gloria gives Al a full account of what they got up to. They are interrupted by Zara, who’s looking for Howard as they have a meeting to discuss this new polyclinic. Emma says he isn’t here yet then phones Howard saying he needs to get a grip. Later, Zara reckons Emma must know what’s wrong with Howard given she’s sleeping with him.

As they bicker, Howard turns up and Zara remarks that he looks awful. When Howard fails to come up with ideas on how to combat the polyclinic, instead asking for a break, Emma has another chat with Howard, saying he has to face up to things; they made a plan and he has to believe in himself if he wants it to work.

Back at the salon, Gloria quizzes Kevin and Sigourney about their weekend and they are mortified when she twigs that something wasn’t quite right in the bedroom department. Zara wants to talk to Daniel about the polyclinic but he’s due at St Phils for a strategy meeting and, as he heads off to the hospital, Daniel overhears Gloria and Heston discussing Kevin’s impotency.

Later, Heston joins Howard, Zara and Al at a meeting, where Al announces there’s a colony of protected newts on the land where they want to build the polyclinic – so Gary Lucas can’t possibly build on it!

Also, Mrs Tembe suspects foul play when medical supplies start to disappear.