Go on, marry me Jai!

Charity finds a solution to Jai’s rejection: a marriage proposal! Cain didn’t see that coming! He thought that because Jai had dumped her, Charity would want him back, but Charity only wants Jai. Well, there’s a lid for every pot and Charity has decided Jai is her lid. She asks him to come to Gennie’s house later but he’s a no-show. Hmmmm, Charity’s disappointed but not defeated. She goes to the factory, tells Jai she loves him and proposes. Very public – and could result in a public humiliation.

Hazel quits her job at the cafe after less than a week! Well, there are not many who could work with Brenda, but she’s not actually the reason Hazel’s leaving. Boss of the Year Bob is lending her money to go travelling and Hazel can’t wait to start packing.

Having packed Mia off, Declan is now ready to turn his cold fury on Butler’s Farm. His business deal with farmer John was dependent on Adam staying away from Mia. Adam didn’t do that so now Declan’s going to look at his contract with John with a very hard heart.

*Second episode*

The answer’s ‘no’! Jai won’t marry Charity! Oooooh, that’s a blow Charity wasn’t expecting. But Jai says he can’t trust her and he won’t wed a woman he can’t trust. She set up Nikhil and could have ruined their business and all because she was jealous of Nikhil’s position at the factory; Jai won’t play those games. Devastated, Charity owns up to the factory workers about her sabotage which has sabotaged her happiness and she leaves. Cain thinks it’s a great result. Now Charity will want him again. But, oh, hang on… Jai wants to talk. Jai changes his mind; he WILL marry Charity!

Hazel knows she needs to get away for her own sanity. But what about Aaron? He’s still falling apart. Hazel doesn’t think she can help him, though. She tells Aaron she’s going away, but she does it with a heavy heart.

Alicia’s not happy that she and Andy are not saying goodbye to Emmerdale. She had their new life in Spain all planned: the sun, the sea, the sangria. But now Andy says he has to be with Sarah and that’s not what Alicia wants to hear.