Displaying oodles of grouchy charm, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin team up as three very senior citizens who decide to rob a bank.

In this remake of the genial 1979 comedy starring George Burns, Lee Strasberg and Art Carney, the trio, former steel workers and lifelong pals, have been royally ripped off by the system and cheated out of their pensions by corporate chicanery.

So they resolve to get even by robbing the Brooklyn bank that has helped swindle them.

As heist movies go, this will hardly set anyone’s heart racing: actor-turned-director Zach Braff’s pacing is too leisurely for that.

Yet despite the absence of edge-of-the-seat suspense, the old codgers’ elaborate robbery (and even more elaborate alibi) provides more than enough good-natured, escapist fun.

The trio’s sprightly chemistry delivers the most pleasure, however, testament that these screen veterans remain at the top of their game at 84 (Caine), 83 (Arkin) and 79 (Freeman). And it’s good, too, to see Arkin strike up a spry rapport with Ann-Margret, still radiantly flirty at 75.