Although the third James Bond story to be filmed, this is the one that set the template with its gadgets, fast cars (the Aston Martin DB5) and faster women, including a golden Shirley Eaton.

Sean Connery is a superb 007 taking on Gert Frobe’s Auric Goldfinger, a wonderfully OTT villain, as well as his minions in the shape of Honor Blackman’s Pussy Galore (almost renamed Kitty Galore) and Oddjob, a big mute with a penchant for sharp headwear.

It includes the line which has been voted as the best in the series, during a delightfully gruelling scene when an important part of Bond’s anatomy is in serious jeopardy from Goldfinger’s death ray….

The iconic title song was belted out by Shirley Bassey, who recorded the track while watching the opening credits. As the titles kept running, she was forced to hold the final high note until she almost fainted!