Following his exploits in 2013’s Australian Western-cum-thriller Mystery Road, Aaron Pedersen’s dogged Aboriginal detective Jay Swan uncovers more racism, corruption and violence.

Here, he travels to a remote Queensland town to investigate a missing-person case.

He cuts a less heroic figure this time, at least initially, and hasn’t even reached his destination before he’s been arrested for drink driving by the callow local cop (Alex Russell).

However, he’s soon finding evidence of dodgy dealing everywhere he looks – from the smiling, apple pie-baking mayor (Jacki Weaver) to the shifty mining company boss (David Wenham), who appears to have everyone in his pocket.

As with Mystery Road, writer-director Ivan Sen explores raw current issues (including sex-trafficking and indigenous land rights) while delivering a compelling mix of slow-burn mystery and explosive action set against the harsh beauty of the Outback landscape.