Good cop Donna turns bad!

*First episode*

Although Donna now knows that Marlon and his family will give her daughter April all the love and care she needs, she has also made sure there will be a substantial pot of cash to provide for the little girl’s future. So she’s shocked to discover all her savings have been lost because the investment company has gone into liquidation. With no savings for the here and now, let alone the future, police officer Donna soon spots a way to make a fast buck when she’s handed some stolen jewellery that’s come into the station. Instead of logging the entire hoard, she pockets some of it to sell to a dodgy contact called Greg…

In an attempt to get the money that’s rightly hers, Leyla starts telling Alicia about how devastated she is by Keith’s death – and she really milks it! But when her sister suggests splitting the windfall, Leyla’s livid! With a blowtorch in hand, she sneaks into the flat above the shop and plans to retrieve the money from the safe, but is shocked to find it’s empty! Where has it gone?

Edna thought the money that she put Ruby and Ali’s way was for a new car, so she’s not happy to find that the couple, who still plan to have IVF, are putting it into their ‘baby fund’, so she tells Harriet that she’s going to ask them to return the money!