Medical and romantic matters of the heart fill the final episode of series five… Du Plessis’ recovery from his heart surgery is hindered by money worries and Danny makes plans for his future with Alice.

A loved-up Danny and Alice are feeling indestructible; they’ve closed down a cruel zoo and Vanessa has agreed to take in all the native animals. Except… Vanessa’s father is now part-owner of Mara and doesn’t want to house charity cases. Caroline thinks she can rescue their plan with a plan of her own to buy land from a local farmer for her and DuP’s retirement. The animals can move on to the land with them, she says. Except…unknown to Caroline, DuP has given all their money to his son, Kirk. Meanwhile, Danny has decided it’s time to take the plunge and ask Alice to marry him. Except…the engagement ring he wants to use has been pawned by DuP to raise money for the land Caroline wants.

The way things are going for DuP, he could have another heart attack! He’s dug a hole too deep to climb out of and the whole family learns of his lies. But they pull together to get the land and provide a home for the native animals. Their happiness is complete when Danny surprises Alice with his proposal of marriage.