Goodbye, Chantelle!

Chantelle’s trying to get back to her old self, but she’s still having nightmares about the crash and is taking beta blockers to help. To help take her mind off things, Chantelle throws herself into organising a surprise birthday party for Arthur but her mood is dampened when Cameron Pollins – the boy who mugged her – is admitted.

Seeing Cameron again makes Chantelle angry and upset with how her life has gone since the mugging, prompting Arthur to belittle Cameron for making her feel the way she does. When Arthur declares his true feelings for her, Chantelle realises he’ll always behave irrationally at work as long as he’s in love with her, and decides it’s best for both her and Arthur if she leaves. How will Holby cope without its ray of sunshine?

Meanwhile, Mo’s forced to face up to some bitter home truths when her online beau Joey is admitted with chest pains. Are her recent lifestyle changes becoming a threat to her career?

Also, Chrissie’s suffering from post-treatment complications, so it’s not a good day to be served divorce papers from Sacha. Feeling low, she seeks solace in a comforting Michael…