Goodbye Donna!

Summer notices that Tash is back to her old self and when she tells Summer that Andrew told her he loves her, Summer is floored. Annoyed, Andrew pays Donna a visit and tells her she has made it worse, and the sooner she is out of his life, the better. At Harold’s, Summer let’s Andrew know she isn’t happy with him, but he assures her he loves her.

Donna struggles to pack and is running late. When her dad calls to say he can’t help and will see her at the airport, she is confused and upset. Zeke and Declan jump in to help and Nick arrives at the last minute, telling Donna he is coming with her. Donna is over the moon! Donna makes up with Andrew and says an emotional farewell to her friends.

Jade does her best to get to know Callum, and takes him to play soccer, but he finds the attention too much. When Jade oversteps the mark telling Callum he drinks too much juice, Toadie steps in and the conversation becomes heated. When he tells Jade that discipline should be left to the parents, Jade scoffs. The pair come to blows once more when Jade reminds Toadie he isn’t Callum’s dad and maybe she has more rights to Callum than he might think.

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