Having been close friends with Holby boss Guy Self for 15 years, director of nursing Colette Sheward would do anything for him and his family. Not long ago, Colette even submitted her own blood for a drugs test on Guy’s daughter Zosia to safeguard Zosia’s career! But now it seems Guy’s taking Colette’s loyalty for granted, at a time when she longs to be more than just good friends.

When Michael tries to poach Colette to work in Chicago with him, Guy doesn’t believe for a second she’ll leave his side. Then, when Zosia goes missing, it’s once again up to Colette to save the day when she races round to Zosia’s flat to find Zosia asleep – and a frying pan on fire! Afterwards, a concerned Colette challenges Guy about Zosia’s reckless behaviour, but he tells her she’s not Zosia’s mother and should keep her nose out of his business!

Colette soon starts to realise that her devotion to Guy is damaging her self-worth and that she’ll never be as important to Guy as Guy is to her. Although it dawns on Guy that he needs Colette to help him with Zosia, it appears it’s too late when Colette drops the bombshell that she’s leaving!

Meanwhile, having seemingly worked his magic on Mo, Jesse’s now trying to get the other Miss Effanga to join his gang, but Adele’s determined not to be fooled by his smooth moves. However, despite her best efforts, Jesse still gets under Adele’s skin. Has she judged him too harshly?

Also, as Raf tries to adjust to life as a single man, he finds his moves are a tad rusty and a romantic encounter leads to unexpected trouble on the ward. Will Raf be able to redeem himself?