Goodbye, Hazel – be happy

It’s time for Hazel to leave Emmerdale. It was her son, Jackson, who brought her to the village and it was his tragic death that has kept her there. But Emmerdale is not good for her and her being there is not good for Aaron. In the graveyard, Hazel says goodbye to her son and sees Aaron watching her. She gives the boy who loved her boy a final hug and then she leaves. They both know it’s for the best, which is why they part with such sweet sorrow.

There’s not much joy for Charity the night before her wedding. Her hen night has no pecking power, as all her gal pals are too busy to party. Charity knows how to make her own fun, though – and she doesn’t need the girls. She decides to have a private party with Jai – and she’s not playing the blushing bride!

Moira’s not playing the guilty wife. She goes to the farm to help and discovers that Hannah’s studies have been put on a backburner while the girl cooks and cleans for her dad. Grrrrrrrrrr. That’s not on, John! And finally Moira and John agree on something: Hannah should not give up her education.