Sergeant June Ackland’s Sun Hill colleagues and fiance, Rod Jessop, are waiting for her to arrive at the pub for her leaving do – little knowing that she and ex-husband, DS Jim Carver, are being held hostage following the botched drug raid.

Angry and upset, June blames Jim for screwing things up for her again by getting her involved in the case. Jim tries to reassure her that they’ll both be OK – just as they are driven to a warehouse and tied up.

The following day, with their lives on the line, Jim tells June that he loves her and, now he’s got his life back on track, wants them to try again. Eventually, Sun Hill CID manage to locate the warehouse where June and Jim are being held. And as arrests are made, they cling tightly to one another…

Still in shock, June heads back to Sun Hill where the team are waiting to toast her retirement. And with the party in full swing, June makes a quiet exit. But has she decided on a quiet life in the Cotswolds with Rod – or an exciting but unreliable future with Jim?