Goodbye Kat and Alfie!

Kat and Alfie prepare to leave the Square for a new life. Kat’s surprised when Sister Judith from the convent arrives wanting to talk to her. As Alfie gives an emotional goodbye speech, Sister Judith has a change of heart, not wanting to ruin Kat’s happiness. Before saying a final goodbye, Alfie gives Stacey the keys to the flat, revealing he’s paid the rent for a year.

Shabnam is horrified when Shirley confronts her in front of the entire family about Dean’s baby. After insisting Dean is lying, Shabnam is stunned when Kush blurts out that he knows the truth and has had enough of her lies. Feeling backed into a corner, Shabnam announces she’s going to marry Asim. Worried for his sister, Tamwar begs Kush to talk to Shabnam. Kush turns up at the Masoods’ and proposes. A delighted Shabnam accepts.

Dean is certain that Shabnam lied about their baby dying. Determined to prove he’s right, Dean comes up with a plan, but is quickly stopped by Shirley and Buster who are worried he’s making a mistake. Later, Mick offers an olive branch to Shirley, hoping to rebuild their relationship.