Louise feels guilty that she still hasn’t told Calvin the truth about Sean. Feeling desperate, she visits Warren at The Loft and tearfully pleas for his help. Finally, he reluctantly agrees to lend her £5,000 on the condition she let him accompany her when she hands the cash to Sean. Louise manages to persuade him to let her deal with Sean herself, and hands the cash over to Sean at Evissa. But just as smug Sean prepares to leave Hollyoaks for a new life in Spain, he gets a nasty surprise…

Finding it increasingly tricky to juggle looking after baby Charlie with full-time work, Jake and Nancy attempt to find a solution to their childcare and cash problems, with Jake offering to get another job. Later, Nancy is dismayed when she learns Becca’s compensation only comes to a paltry £11,000. Meanwhile, Jake sends Steph round to the flat to help out Nancy with Charlie. But Steph’s laziness ends up causing a row.

Also, Jessica is inconsolable when she finds out her dad has been declared bankrupt and Carmel tries to learn Albanian in an attempt to impress Aleksander. He welcomes her efforts and enlists her help in clothes shopping.

*Screened on TV3, Thursday April 12*