There’s no room at the church for a foodbank, so Mrs Tembe tells Gordon she has a friend who’s offered them premises at a reasonable rate and suggests they see it, taking a picnic. When Shiva rudely tells Mrs Tembe the deal is off, Gordon calls a silver surfer parishioner who’ll find them a list of property rentals. Then Gordon’s car breaks down, but he refuses to let Mrs Tembe take a look, and waits for a mechanic.

Gordon agrees to let Mrs Tembe fix his car and they head off to explore the properties on Bert’s list, but nothing is suitable. When a call comes from Trishna, Gordon manages to secure a big discount. As they view the premises, Gordon swirls Mrs Tembe around to Elvis and asks her what she’s doing for the rest of her life – he’s beginning to think he couldn’t do without her! Mrs Tembe’s fit to burst as they waltz along.

Chris wishes Emma good luck on her first day back at work since Sam died. At The Mill, Emma wants everyone to treat her like normal but, secretly, Howard tells Karen to give her the easy patients. Howard’s pleased to see her, but when he comments on Chris wearing an odd jacket and Emma explains it’s his dad’s, Howard thinks it’s odd, which annoys her.

That afternoon, Emma’s feeling emotional when she bumps into Howard and asks for a hug but, when a patient appears, Howard backs away and Emma is hurt as she walks off. Howard is then annoyed to find Daniel comforting Emma and she ignores him as she leaves with Chris. At home, Chris makes his Dad’s Moussaka and Emma has a moment when she realises how much Chris reminds her of him – he’s pleased.

Also, when Kevin finds himself reluctantly giving marriage guidance, his advice leads to an unexpected place and surprising revelations which will change the couple forever.