Mrs Tembe sees Gordon at the garden centre and, although she tries to hide from him, Gordon spots her and suggests they have tea and cake. As they sit in the café, Gordon tries to turn the conversation to romance and Mrs Tembe swiftly turns the conversation to serviettes! Eventually, Gordon asks her flat out if she would like to go on a date and she’s unsure what to say. Gordon asks if she has any reason to say no. Her shy smile says it all.

Meanwhile, Heston visits Sam, who asks for help ending his life. Heston refuses, arguing that he can live a fulfilling life. Emma tries to find out from Heston what Sam and he discussed, to no avail. When she returns home later, Sam tells Emma he doesn’t want to ask, but he needs her to help him finish it all… Emma cries, facing the hardest choice of her life.

Also, Jimmi has his hands full at the Campus surgery when a heavily pregnant woman completely denies that she’s in labour!