After last week’s conversations with Rob and Karen, Gordon and Mrs Tembe are thinking about sex. They both want to consummate their relationship, but don’t quite know how to bring it up or move forward. Gordon decides to seek out Jimmi for advice, but is held back by his shyness – then a parishioner at The Mill enquiring after him along with Karen knowing the reason for his visit, makes him scurry away.

Realising he faces a lonely life if he doesn’t address the issue, Gordon heads back to see Jimmi. Gordon explains he’s worried he might not be able to… you know… It’s been a while. Jimmi realises it’s not performance he’s worried about, but whether he should mention it to Mrs Tembe. He assures Gordon it’s perfectly natural; Mrs Tembe’s probably as nervous as him. Gordon calls Mrs Tembe to make a date to catch up soon.

Also, Al tries to help an old friend fight her anorexia demons before it’s too late.