Gossip spreads about Brad and Sally

Sally and Brad are unaware that Colleen has witnessed their kiss. But Sally is disappointed when the phone rings and Brad pulls away to answer it before leaving to attend a family dinner with Tam. Meanwhile, Colleen is busy spreading the news that the pair are back together.

Sally manages to put a stop to Colleen, but her rumour mongering has already gone too far, with Brad furious when Tony asks him if he and Sally are back together. Assuming that it’s Sally who’s been telling everyone, Brad angrily lays into her. Sally explains what really happened, but the mood between them remains awkward.

Heather impresses Leah and Colleen in her new job, until she’s handed $200 to put in the till, and pockets it. When she learns about the missing money, Tam guesses what’s happened and tracks her mum down, finding her glued to the slot machines, down to her last few dollars. Luckily, Heather hits the jackpot, returning the money with a believable story, but not before Tam steals $200 from Viv’s bag, seen by Geoff.

With Jack still in a coma, Sam is losing it with hospital staff, snapping at them and even kicking Tony out when he suggests she should face the fact that Jack might not wake up.

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