Heath walks out of prison… and straight into Angelo’s, where he witnesses Charlie and Brax in a steamy embrace! After the shock of seeing them together, he then realises that it was Brax who sold him out to the cops. As far as he’s concerned, they’re no longer brothers. But when Heath reveals he turned witness on Jake, the brothers agree to a truce so they can face the consequences together.

In the wake of the arrest of Heath and Jake, Hammer’s gang gives Brax a stern warning: they’re watching him. When Hammer learns that Heath sold Jake out for his early release, his gang starts to threaten the Braxtons. It looks like the gang war is back on.

Gina is struggling with Xavier’s decision to give up school and move to the farm with Kelly. John tries his best to talk Xavier round, but it’s to no avail. Xavier arrives at the farm to a warm welcome from Kelly.

Charlie is getting increasingly anxious now that Heath knows about her relationship with Brax. She knows he’s got a hold over her, so she decides to face the music. She makes a call to the police Inspector, to inform him of her relationship with Brax.