Gov drives Ash out of the village

Ravi is rushed to hospital unconscious, but Ash keeps his part in his collapse quiet. Gov and Bel visit Ravi before his emergency operation. Leila is horrified when she finds out what’s happened to Ravi and she wonders whether it’s karma for her interference in Elliot’s family life, but Elliot talks her round.

Kris and Loretta confront Ash about putting Ravi in danger and they argue. Anita overhears and is horrified when Kris accuses Ash of letting Ravi fight when he knew it could kill him. Ash is questioned by the police for assault and Anita confesses that she grassed him up. Gov is angry with Anita for causing more family heartache but he tells Ash he wants him out when Ash breaks down and confesses that he was to blame for Ravi’s collapse.

Newt returns to school and is shocked to see Theresa watching a DVD of her Buff TV debut with a group of leering lads. Newt is even more wound up when someone draws a raunchy picture of Theresa on a classroom whiteboard. Newt tells Theresa that he’s not comfortable with her getting involved in glamour shoots and tells her to choose between him and the modelling but Theresa refuses to be blackmailed and stands her ground.

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