Grace and Faye run riot at No 1

Anna admits to Izzy she’s starting to think Owen might be right – there’s something not right about Grace. Tracy gives Faye the keys to No 1 and asks her, Grace, Simon and Amy to walk Eccles for her. With the house to themselves, Amy and Simon are overwhelmed as Grace and Faye run wild. When Simon tries to leave Grace blocks his path and asks Faye to back her up as they pin him to the floor.

Leanne explains to a confused Simon that after the incident with Nick, he has to stay with Peter and Carla all the time now. Struggling with the weight of his actions Nick confides in Gail that he’s worried his condition is taking its toll on Leanne. Gail tries to reassure him, but his constant reliance on Leanne is too much for her to cope with.

Steve heads off for his first day at college and pretends to be hurt when Michelle and Liz jokingly deride his academic ambitions.

Also, Kirk finds a pair of knickers in Beth’s handbag and she’s forced to admit the truth.