The Loft is about to have its grand re-opening, so Kim plasters the walls with photos of her and Grace kissing. Grace sees them and frantically rips them down just in time, then she confronts Kim but the pair end up kissing passionately and someone catches them. Kim recognises the person’s coat and scarf and thinks it’s Esther, while Grace feels defeated and tells Trevor about Kim.

Meanwhile, when Darren threatens Patrick, Theresa chucks him out but accidentally reveals Patrick’s secret in the process. Darren and Maxine argue over Patrick. Later, Darren gets drunk at the club opening then goes to see Patrick, revealing he knows all about his MND. Angry that she blabbed, Patrick grabs Theresa’s wrist and Theresa’s stunned – is she Patrick’s next victim?

Also, Tom and Peri struggle to process Angela’s offer. Peri’s scared that if the baby goes to a family member, she’ll never be able to let go. When the teens can’t get in to the grand club opening of The Loft, Tom opens a bottle of alcohol at his house. Jack catches the pair and thinks they’ve been drinking.