Grace befriends a heartbroken Ruby and Theresa

Grace offers a heartbroken Theresa a shoulder to cry on and when an angry Ruby turns up at The Loft too, Grace welcomes her into her therapy session. She is annoyed that Ziggy has been taking advantage and tells the girls that she has a plan and is going to help them get revenge.

Despite her denial, Frankie’s relationship is clearly on the line. It seems the whole Osborne family is at breaking point.

Meanwhile, Jason starts to feel inadequate as he compares himself to Ziggy. He decides to ask for Ziggy’s advice about bulking up but worries his mum when he storms out at dinner.

Sinead is devastated when Freddie tells her he can’t be with her. She knows that Freddie is in love with Lindsey and threatens to tell the Roscoes. Freddie promises that he does want to be with Sinead, but he is clearly just doing it so she keeps quiet.