Will Grace get busted at The Loft?

In his quest to get revenge on Grace, will Liam end up with egg on his face?

Grace and Shane have planted the fake money in the till at The Loft, with Liam looking on, ready to pounce on Grace. Liam assures DS Thorpe that he wants to make Grace pay. Courtney, however, discovers that Liam is shifting fake notes at The Loft – will she keep quiet?

Later, Liam tells Thorpe to get to The Loft immediately – but will he find any counterfeit notes?

Meanwhile, Darren’s worried that Nancy is burying her head in the sand about her diagnosis in order to get her promotion at the school. It’s battle stations when Courtney decides to go for the same promotion, and Nancy puts all her efforts into her presentation. But will that impact on her health?

Tom lets himself into Esther and Kim’s flat with a key that Esther gave him. Kim has placed Post It notes around the flat to remind Esther that Grace shot her, but Tom sees one – will he tell Esther the truth?

Also, Maxine gets information from the PI looking into Darcy’s disappearance.