Grace falls from… grace!

Trevor tries to make Grace see what’s more important – their little family or Freddie Roscoe. Grace meets Freddie on The Loft balcony and when Freddie pushes past her, she stumbles, snaps her heel and falls over the railings. Scared, Freddie makes a run for it.

Diane is suspicious about Tony’s shifty behaviour, so when she spots him in The Hutch with another woman, she pours her drink over him. She’s mortified when she realises the woman is a beautician, hired to give her and Sinead a pamper afternoon. Later, Diane notices that Sinead hasn’t been drinking all night and realises her daughter is pregnant.

Also, Lockie returns to the village after clearing out his auntie’s house. He gives Cameron a bag of cash and tells him it’s from ‘Shane’. Will Lockie’s good deed for his brother turn out to have serious consequences?

Elsewhere, Cameron pushes Ziggy too far.