Grace sees the video on Kim’s phone of Trevor pushing Val away and is mortified about her latest fling with Kim. Kim sees that Grace and Trevor have reconciled and blurts out her true feelings to her, just as Esther arrives. When Kim backtracks and tells Esther she was referring to their relationship, Esther gets the wrong end of the stick, thinks Kim is proposing – and accepts! Grace realises how much power Kim has over Esther and pretends she’s in love with Kim to keep her sweet.

Meanwhile, Tony visits Tegan again, but Rose is asleep so Tegan offers to go for a drink with him. Tony gets a text from someone saying his car has been clamped, so he leaves a disappointed Tegan at the bar. When he finds out the text is a hoax he immediately accuses Diane of sabotage, but she denies it. Later, we see it was a jealous Ziggy who sent the text.

Cindy is disheartened by the lack of interest in her book and quizzes embarrassed Jason about what he thinks. Holly realises the messages from Zoe are not being sent from Switzerland, but from nearby. Later, we see ‘Zoe’ is actually Simone.

Also, Ste is infuriated by Scott and tells him that he and Sinead are moving back to Diane’s flat without him. Scott is furious and begins to plot revenge…