After agreeing to put Trevor in the past, Grace decides to sell his fish and the equipment but stumbles across an old receipt from the pet shop, which gives him an alibi for the night Will was murdered. Esther shows it to Ben, who tells her to consider what it would mean if Trevor were free. Will they let their personal feelings get in the way of justice?

Lindsey tells everyone that the father of her baby is someone from work but Joe doesn’t believe her and asks whether the baby is his. After Cindy tells Joe that Lindsey is planning to have an abortion, Lindsey is ‘surprised’ when Joe tries to stop her and gushes when he tells her he does want this baby. They consider how to tell Mercedes – but it’s too late when she spots them in the village and Joe has his hand affectionately on Lindsey’s stomach.

Also, Mrs St Claire decides to resign and, when John Paul accuses her of running away, she slaps him!